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The Fangyuan Wetlands, located on the south side of Changhua Hanbao Wetlands, are one of the few remaining mudflats in Taiwan. With abundant sediments, the Fangyuan Wetlands teem with diverse species. As a result, the Fangyuan Wetlands are considered the most important natural resources in the coastal area of Fangyuan.


Recently the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down, so the Hai Long Offshore Wind Project took the initiative to clean up the coast and rallied the Hai Long team members to collaborate with 8 community development associations—Caohu, Xinsheng, Jianping, Wenjin, Yongxing, Lunjiao, Luping, and Xinyi Community Development Associations in Fangyuan Township, Changhua County. Over a hundred participants are mobilized in an effort to launch the "2021 Parent-Child Beach Cleanup Campaign— Protect the Heart of Fangyuan, Maintain Sustainable Wetlands".


The Executive Vice President of Hai Long—Jun Tamura— led the cleanup crew formed by both local and expat employees and their families to pick up rubbish of all sorts one by one along the wetlands whilst the sea breeze gently swept by. During the event, the children also learned about the ecology of wetlands and the potential damage of pollution to the environment. In the end, with the efforts of more than 100 participants, nearly 150 bags of floating garbage was cleared and Changhua’s beautiful coast was restored.


Although the pandemic has slowed down recently, the organizer would not take the COVID-19 preventative measures lightly. In addition to the basic compliance with all the pandemic prevention rules, designated personnel were stationed at the beach to ensure the safety and health of the participants, such as measuring the participants’ forehead temperature and disinfecting the environment by spraying alcohol.


The Hai Long Offshore Wind Project aims to create a sustainable environment and promote the development of Taiwan’s renewable energy. This was the third consecutive year Hai Long called on the team members to join the beach cleanup activity in coastal Changhua. This year, Hai Long took a further step to initiate the collaboration with local community development associations, demonstrating Hai Long’s dedication to the localization policy.


Jun Tamura, Executive Vice President of Hai Long, said: “Hai Long is an offshore wind power project dedicated to the production of green energy, and one of the core values of the project is the sustainable development of the environment. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to raise the public’s awareness of the importance of the marine ecosystem through the beach cleanups in Changhua every year. The Hai Long team is thankful for the opportunity to visit the beautiful Fangyuan wetlands and honored to work with Caohu and other community development associations as well as the Fangyuan residents to put environmental protection into action and safeguard the nature in Fangyuan.”


In the cleanup event, Chi-He Chen, Executive Director of Caohu Community Development Association, Fangyuan Township, Changhua County awarded Hai Long the certificate of appreciation to express his gratitude. Executive Director Chen Chi-He said: “Protecting Fangyuan Wetlands is a very important task. A large amount of marine debris needed to be removed with the help of the masses. We appreciate Hai Long and the local communities for their effort in returning beautiful wetlands to Fangyuan by putting this beach cleanup plan into action.”



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